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Test Your New Product Concepts

A focus group participant is pleasantly surprised by a new product shown revealed for the first time

Focus Groups Offer Unique Advantages

PhorTech International Custom Consulting Services

Sometimes, you have special requirements in market research. PhorTech International offers a number of custom market research solutions. We have a reputation for flexibility, creative solutions, and keeping within time and cost budgets.

Let us test your new product concepts, measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, pinpoint how satisfied your customers are with you (and your competitors), or let us calculate the market shares, and growth rates in your chosen markets.

Very popular are our new product concept tests, which we conduct using a variety of research techniques, including traditional focus groups, and seminar approaches, as well as newer methods such as adaptive conjoint analyses, and our e-surveys. We can measure pricing sensitivity and determine optimal feature sets for new products from early feasibility stages through beta tests. We can assist you to segment your market and tailor your product to various customer groups. Our access to the biotech/pharma industrial segment is a highly popular capability we are pleased to offer our clients.

See an annotated draft survey questionnaire

This is a simple method we use to communicate with our clients during survey development. We can construct paper versions of the survey questionnaire rapidly and annotate it so that the client understands what is going on behind the scenes in terms of survey branching, testing, constructed lists, randomization patterns, and other enhancements to make a more intelligent and interactive survey.

The pdf files can be easily shared and commented on, yet preserve formatting. After the survey design has been frozen, it can then be rapidly programmed into an interactive web-based format.

On rare occasions, paper and pencil surveys are still useful. In some instances, email addresses and web-access are not available. For example, a sales representative can hand out a paper survey and business reply envelope to his customers or one might distribute paper surveys to people met at scientific conferences or seminars for return at their convenience. Yes, they lack many of the interactive features we now take for granted, but they can sometimes be the most suitable vehicle.

See a sample market assessment survey

This format is ideal to ask respondents to audit the products they use in a particular area in order to calculate market shares, to measure purchase plans, and to assess supplier's performance (MSPPSA). A wealth of data can be obtained from several hundred respondents quickly and accurately, avoiding printing and postage expenses, as well as the errors inherent in data entry of paper survey responses. In many cases, we can deliver spreadsheet tables of respondents' results within days of fielding a survey.

In particular, this colorful example is an older (~2002) format of web-based survey that required hand-coding in HTML. It lacks many of the interactive and intelligent programming options available with our new surveying platform.

See a sample interactive new product concept test

This sample survey has been modified from a real study we ran in late 2005. It is a good example of the interactive nature of our new surveying platform as well as a good example of using market research to find respondents with highly-specific backgrounds and introducing them to a very specialized new product concept.

Take time to go through the survey. It has been annotated to alert you to some of the things happening behind the scenes and illustrating various question types. Using gating questions, various paths through the survey can be designed. We can use earlier input to determine subsequent questions, use earlier responses to change subsequent question text, and we can use constructed lists so that subsequent questions have been personalized for each respondent. The net result is a more intelligent survey engine and a responsive questionnaire that can tailor itself to what the respondent is saying - resulting in better quality of data.

See an example of an interactive customer satisfaction survey

This design is very powerful for measuring how your company stacks up against your competition in key performance areas. The quantitative results enable your company's results to be plotted on two-dimensional bubble charts and nth dimensional spider charts to visually pinpoints your relative strengths and weaknesses versus the competition. An analysis of your brand names can show strong recognition or the opposite - a lack of association of your brand names with your company. This interactive survey is annotated so you can understand some of what is going on behind the scenes. It shows good examples of constructed lists to personalize the survey for each respondent. It is possible that no two respondents saw exactly the same set of questions.

See a sample Adaptive Conjoint Analysis survey

Our adaptive conjoint analyses allow the optimal feature set for hypothetical new products to be determined. The results are delivered along with our market simulator. This not only allows you to model the existing market with its current mix of products from competitors, but allows you to see how well any hypothetical new product would fare in this marketplace and FROM WHOM SALES WOULD BE OBTAINED. The analysis module allows your R&D department to calculate the cost/benefit ratios for all anticipated features in terms of added cost of goods and development time versus increased appeal to the market as a whole or any desired market segment you may consider targetting. This allows you to specify highly desirably new product designs with faster development cycles and lower cost of goods - resulting in unassailable competitive advantage.

ACA studies usually include a web-based background screening survey. The respondent fills in the background screener and submits this information to continue on to the adaptive conjoint study (if qualified).

In this special version of a conjoint study, we will show you the survey engine's analysis of your completed return, explaining what attributes and levels were most important to you. So, pay attention when you work through the survey and see for yourself.

Other Approaches to Market Research

We have developed novel methodologies to attack a wide variety of market research problems. This includes rapid automated e-surveys which provide you with a quantitative response in days from our sitting panel of 50,000+ life science researchers worldwide. We also use computer-aided telephone interviewing, focus groups, and traditional paper surveys where these are more appropriate.

Our experienced analysts can also provide a full range of secondary information searches as needed. Just let us know what you are looking for.

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