1999/2000 US MSPPSA report on Monoclonal Antibodies

136 pages, 52 graphs and tables

Published: March 8, 1999

Price: $2995

Lucrative Monoclonal Antibody Market Reveals All

Monoclonal antibody are widely used in research, by an estimated 59,200 US life science researchers. PhorTech International's newly released market research report, the first in this year's new series analyzing vital bioresearch business segments, puts this market in excess of $50 million and growing comfortably.

As usual, the report takes the input from more than 600 randomly-selected researchers who were asked to itemize their consumption of monoclonal antibodies from commercial sources. An analysis of these results leads to a comprehensive understanding of the usage patterns for these products, including annual expenditures, average costs per vial of antibody, as well as measurements of market shares by share of mentions and dollars spent by supplier. An entire section is devoted to an analysis of future purchase plans.

As part of the analysis of current methodologies and applications, respondents were asked to itemize the source of all their monoclonal antibodies as well as the categories used in their research. As an example, in the above graph, we see the percent of respondents reporting the use of Mabs for selected applications. In total, our respondents itemized details for 9,680 vials of monoclonals worth nearly $2 million, a rich source for data mining.

An entire section of the report was also devoted to assessing the performance of suppliers to this market. Respondents were asked to explain how they chose their current supplier and what would it take to intice them to switch suppliers. They were then asked to rank leading suppliers according to a number of key criteria, as is shown in the following example.

As can be seen, when it comes to offering best value for money, one supplier stands head and shoulders over everyone, being voted best in class by more than a third of all respondents.

Suggestions for improvements in kit contents, packaging, and protocols, in addition to specific requests for new monoclonals, provide market opportunities for the astute company looking for sustainable competitive advantage. This timely and pertinent insight into customer requests and requirements for these products is provided through pages and pages of verbatim comments.

As a final example of the rich details in the report, when asked to describe the reasons for selecting their current suppliers, respondents mentioned the following themes. In contrast, when asked what it would take to switch suppliers, a different series of factors turns out to be most important and when probed as to the single most important factor, a different ranking again emerges. Studying these responses in detail will provide a more complete understanding of the thinking of endusers in this highly competitive business.

This new report permits a candid examination of this vitally important market segment for the first time. The 52 graphs and tables in this report distill a wealth of data into a clear and salient tool for understanding this segmented business. This report is required reading for suppliers interested in improving their present market position, identifying their marketing strengths and weaknesses, and developing sustainable competitive advantage.

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