1998/1999 Far East MSPPSA report on Molecular Biology Reagents, Volume Two

150 pages, 163 graphs and tables

Published: October 19, 1998

Price: $2795

The Mysterious Far East Molecular Biology Reagent Market Holds Huge Potential

The Far East - a rich market, bursting with advanced technologies, yet largely uncharacterized in the West, is revealed in detail in PhorTech International's newly released market research report, the first in a series analyzing this vital business segment.

The region's estimated 32,700 researchers are highly active in key molecular biology application areas. This activity, representing a significant portion of the total global demand for these products, is chronicled separately for amplification, sequencing, labeling, cDNA synthesis & cloning, transfection, genotyping & fingerprinting, and other molecular biology applications.

The report identifies the region's leading suppliers for each of these key application areas in molecular biology as well as within three geographic segments within this region. For example, in the area of thermostable enzymes and kits, we calculate dollar market shares in Japan, one of three geographies studied within the Far East report. Takara, a supplier who enjoys only modest success in the West, owns a solid half of its home market. Only one Western supplier, Perkin-Elmer, has taken any significant market share to date. Yet even this picture changes dramatically in other segments.

As part of the analysis, respondents were asked to itemize kits and reagents utilized for numerous applications, for which a wealth of data was reported, including the brand and type of each kit, the cost per kit, and the expected change in use over the coming 12 months. Over 7,500 kits, worth over $3.5 million, were itemized by 350 respondents, forming the basis upon which precise market share calculations were formed.

The 150 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, examines the installed base of an extensive group of products, quantifying the consumption and expected change in use over the coming 12 months. Numerous comparisons are made with companion US and European reports, providing a historical context that covers the development of this market since 1994. Specific growth rates are calculated for each of these categories, which project up to 40% growth within twelve months.

As can be seen in the the data, one of the large market segments, encompassing DNA sequencing kits, is anticipating continued extraordinary growth, primarily from the large percent of users anticipating significant increases in workload.

This extensive database permitted calculation of both unit and dollar market shares for each type of kit as well as each supplier to this market, identifying a number of marketing juggernauts, as well as dynamic newcomers to watch out for. The most frequently cited enzymes and kits are identified in each of the categories studied.

For eight leading suppliers, this data is also used to portray that company's sales mix in this business, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses which can be exploited for competitive advantage. The sales mix for one leading supplier is presented on the following page. Observe the well-balanced and diverse product mix, not focused too strongly in any one area. This profile is quite different from that of their closest competitor.

This report also assesses the attitudes and expectations of a cross-section of researchers in the Far East. Respondents are characterized on several demographic levels, beginning with their preference for pre-packaged kits versus individual reagents and the reasons behind this choice. The other screens examine the level of experience with molecular biology techniques and type of organization. The analysis contains not only respondent's verbatim comments, but also an examination of kit use in relation to both experience level and location of the respondent.

Suggestions for improvements in kit contents, packaging, and protocols, in addition to specific requests for new kits, provide market opportunities for the astute company looking for sustainable competitive advantage. This timely and pertinent insight into customer requests and requirements for molecular biology reagents and kits is provided through more than 200 verbatim comments.

Although companies have been following the molecular biology reagent market in the Western geographies for several years, this report permits a candid examination of this vitally important region for the first time. The 163 graphs and tables in this report distill a wealth of data into a clear and salient tool for understanding this complex and evolving region. This report is required reading for suppliers interested in improving their present market position, identifying their marketing strengths and weaknesses, and developing sustainable competitive advantage.

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