1998/1999 US MSPPSA report on Cytokines & Growth Factors

117 pages, 63 graphs and tables

Published: October 23, 1998

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Recent Mergers in the Cytokine Supplier Market Increase Reigning Leader's Strength

The market for cytokines and growth factors, worth over $30 million in the U.S. alone, is in the hands of a powerful supplier who has recently increased their strength by merging with one of their competitors.

The details surrounding the dynamics of this exciting market can be found in the new 117 page study recently released from PhorTech International. To give a better understanding of the type of results in this report, five graphs from different sections of the publication are presented here. In the heart of this groundbreaking report lies the market size and share analysis, in which the value of the cytokine and growth factor market is first determined, including the breakdown between products that are made in-house or purchased commercially. The data demonstrates that commercially produced cytokines and growth factors represent the vast majority, but there still exists a portion which can be considered 'untapped'.

This significant market is then divided between 60+ suppliers, many of whom share a very small piece of this well-divided pie. As seen in the graph below, which depicts the number of mentions for the leading companies in this market, one company rises above the rest. This is one of three different presentations of market share in the report.

Since the time the survey was done, the market leader since added to their lead by acquiring the another company on this list. These results are based upon an analysis of the more than 850 responses to almost 2,000 surveys mailed out to US life science researchers. This large dataset allowed detailed analyses of market size, including the number of vials used and dollars spent monthly on these products.

In addition to this quantitative examination, the report also explores the profiles of the typical researcher working with cytokines and growth factors, including their type of organization, scientific discipline and level of experience, as shown in the graph on the following page. This broad range of scientists, chosen to represent a cross-section of life science researchers in the U.S., encompassed many degrees of contact with cytokines and growth factors.

In order to better understand respondents' usage of these products, a series of questions relating to scientific methodologies has been included. In this section, respondents were asked about the form in which they purchased their cytokines and growth factors (lyophilized or liquid), whether they used BSA to store the product, and the usage of various cell types (human, mouse, rat, pig, rabbit) in their work. In fact, there are a total of 14 pages of directed comments given by respondents to explain their reasons for their specific choices. The degree of use of a vast array of specific cytokines and growth factors are also quantified, indicating that interleukins are the most common cytokine currently in use.

A variety of customer satisfaction measurements are made for leading vendors of cytokines and growth factors, including the reason for the current choice of supplier. Overall, researchers were quite pleased with the available brands, having no complaints at all about four of the top suppliers. Respondents also rated leading suppliers of cytokines and growth factors specifically in the areas of value for money, quality, delivery time, application support, lot to lot consistency and product range.

The data shows the ratings for highest quality. Favored by two out of every five respondents, it is apparent that a single supplier stands out amongst the field. Knowledge of market rankings such as this yields powerful results, illuminating areas of strength and weakness for each of the major players in the market. Such knowledge provides insights into winning strategies for increasing market shares against entrenched competition.

The report also itemizes hundreds of specific reasons why any supplier is chosen, as well as suggestions for improvements by current users. Clients tell us that these comments are equivalent to weeks of time in the field with end-users and provide essential insight to this substantial market.

A new topic, this report brings a fresh perspective to this complex business. This release shares 5 of the graphs from this report. Another 58 graphs and tables are available that distill a wealth of data into a clear and salient tool for understanding this market. Consider this report required reading for those interested in evaluating their present market position, identifying their marketing strengths and weaknesses, and developing sustainable competitive advantage.

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