1997/8 U.S. MSPPSA report on Molecular Diagnostics

200 pages, 149 graphs and tables

Published: September 30, 1997

Price: $2595

This new market research report by PhorTech International provides surprising details concerning the U.S. market for molecular diagnostics systems. This first look into this rapidly developing market shows that the relatively small population of scientists involved have already made clear choices for their methods, products and suppliers. Infectious disease researchers, for example, are spending the vast majority of their purchasing dollars on kits for only 3 diseases. As far as suppliers, one formidable giant and their small but extremely successful competitor share two thirds of that market and stand out from the large crowd beneath them.

The 200 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, breaks down the market in terms of four targeted areas of study - cancer genes, infectious disease, genetic disease and forensic/identity testing. In order to adequately reach each of these groups, more than 5,000 surveys were distributed to scientists affiliated with some of the leading molecular diagnostics associations and journals. Nature Genetics subscribers, totaling 1,180 scientists, and the 2,005 members of the clinical microbiology division of the American Society of Microbiology comprised the two largest sources of respondents. Also included were all of the members of the Association for Molecular Pathology and the molecular diagnostics section of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry. Finally, 1,000 members of the American Society for Human Genetics were surveyed.

Analyses are performed separately for each type of molecular diagnostics testing, including demographics, current methods and usage of the specific tests, and the outlook for the future. In the section on infectious disease, for instance, the market for thirteen types of assays is examined, including a wide variety of STD's. The consumption, both in assays and dollars spent, is quantified, for each of these tests. The large number of tumor markers, used for cancer genes, are analyzed simlarly, leading to the determination of the number of scientists and frequency of use for each marker. The assays for genetic diseases, for which a huge response was received, are being performed at a very high rate, on the order of half a million samples annually.

Respondents are characterized on several demographic levels, beginning with the type and number of tests performed, their geographic distribution, laboratory type and position, field of interest, and the methods for analysis/purification of the target DNA. The inquiries continued into whether the scientists were working in research, development or diagnostics. Small differences were seen for each group, signifying their varying goals and methods of testing. The analysis contains not only the quantification of responses, but also respondent's verbatim comments.

Although customers are generally satisfied with the existing infectious disease tests, significant differences exist in customer's perceptions of supplier performance. This section examines both product quality and supplier responsiveness issues including value for money, consistent quality, speed of delivery, application support and width of product line. When ranked in terms of these five key performance benchmarks, the market leader performed extremely well, unlike many of the smaller suppliers. The enticing reasons for purchasing a certain brand, given verbatim, may shed some light as to why.

Suggestions for improvements in each of the various molecular diagnostics systems, in addition to specific requests for new products, provide market opportunities for the astute company wanting to enter or lead this lucrative market. Over 150 graphs and tables distill the remaining data into a clear and salient tool for understanding this complex and rapidly changing market. This report is required reading for suppliers interested in comprehending the marketing dynamics for this business. Those already involved in the molecular diagnostics market will be provided with crucial information for improving present market position, identifying marketing strengths and weaknesses, and developing a sustainable competitive advantage.

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