1995/6 MSPPSA report on Visualization Reagents

101 pages, 104 graphs and tables

Published: June 6, 1996

Price: $2295

A remarkable 85.7% of U.S. life science researchers, over 78,000 individuals, use visualization reagents. Our detailed analysis of the market for 1995 puts combined sales at over $128 million, with radioisotopes contributing $70.9 million and nonisotopic kits accounting for $34.3 million with the remainder for colorimetric reagents, autoradiography film, and intensifying screens.

The 101 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, also measures anticipated growth rates, assesses the attitudes and expectations of a cross-section of researchers in the US, and compares the results with surveys conducted for the European and US markets one and two years ago. Compared with these studies, we did see an increase in the use of storage phosphor technology with 32P compared with autoradiography. The market leaders for the different categories of products were as follows: Kodak for autorad film, DuPont for intensifying screens and DuPont/NEN for radioisotopes. The suppliers for the nonisotopic range of products were quite different, with Amersham's ECL kit showing the highest degree of recognition and positive experiences.

Customer satisfaction ratings are produced for leading vendors of visualization reagents. We found three different factors affecting the choice of reagent brand - price for radioisotopes, quality/performance for film and colleague recommendation for nonisotopic kits. The suppliers are also ranked according to various key performance areas including value, reliable quality, delivery time, technical support and breadth of product range. The results seem to indicate that there are several very strong companies in this field. Amersham and Boehringer Mannheim do very well overall in these categories Life Technologies excels for delivery time and wide product range. Specific suggestions for improvements of existing techniques are provided as verbatim comments. Here, the overwhelming request is for better nonisotopic kits with better sensitivity and speed.

To our knowledge, this is the only series of reports that address this key area of research, invaluable information for instrument manufacturers and reagent suppliers alike. The report details a profound shift in attitudes and usage rates since our 1993 study and is required reading for companies hoping to remain successful in this changing arena.

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