1995/6 US MSPPSA report on Protein Electrophoresis

91 pages, 66 graphs and tables

Published: October 2, 1996

Price: $2295

New Market Research Report Foresees Growth for Certain Sectors of the Protein Electrophoresis Market. The number of U.S. life science researchers performing protein electrophoresis has risen significantly over the past two years, from 53% to 72% of the life science research population, or 65,500 scientists.

A current market research report by PhorTech International provides the current and projected market details for the various types of protein electrophoresis instruments. Included in the analysis are standard and mini units, horizontal IEF, 35mm (PhastSystem) and preparative instruments, with one of these groups showing promising growth in the near future.

Although the overall growth rate may be slightly smaller than seen previously, certain instrument types are definitely seeing a continuation of strong sales. This comprehensive 93 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, examines the installed base of various types of protein electrophoresis chambers, specifying unit and dollar placements per year as well as total market size. In addition to growth rates, unit and dollar market shares for suppliers to this market have been calculated, based upon analysis of the responses to over 3,000 surveys mailed out to a cross-section of life science researchers last winter. The most frequently mentioned models of gel boxes for each manufacturer are included. The degree to which discounting is used in this market is also examined.

This very competitive market is led by three giants who alternate in the top positions for each type of chamber. Bio-Rad, Hoefer and Pharmacia have been dominating this market for several years, with some surprising changes taking place within the past three years. The Bio-Rad Protean II Xi and Hoefer SE 600 topped the list of standard vertical systems, while the Bio-Rad mini Protean II and Novex Xcell Mini led for mini systems. Bio-Rad also has the most popular preparative models, the Prep Cell and Rotofor.

Extensive demographic analyses include not only users' segmentation by type of organization and scientific discipline, but also their current applications and use of different gel sizes. As expected, the bulk of this work is found in academic organizations, and is heavily weighted towards SDS-PAGE and blotting applications. However, DNA sequencing and submarine gel analyses are performed by well over half of these protein electrophoresis users. The report also found that scientists involved in protein electrophoresis encompass an ever-widening group of scientific disciplines. As for gel size, the leading choice, mini-gels, outnumber the other sizes by well over 2:1.

Leading suppliers of protein electrophoresis chambers are rated in the following areas of customer satisfaction: ease of use, versatility, reliable quality, innovation, and commitment to electrophoresis. As in previous years, there is no question about the highest ranked suppliers. Bio-Rad ranks over all other suppliers, followed by Hoefer who holds a very solid second place position. These same two suppliers reappear when respondents are asked which supplier they would consider for future purchases. The top reasons for choosing specific suppliers and comments regarding dissatisfaction with these suppliers went deeper than the typical price issues. In fact price seemed only to be a concern when customers are dissatisfied with performance. Overall, respondents seem to be more pleased than not with the companies they deal with for protein electrophoresis.

This report should be considered essential reading for anyone serious intending to succeed in this increasingly competitive area.

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