1995/6 European MSPPSA report on Molecular Biology Reagent Systems, Volume Two: Amplification, Sequencing, cDNA Synthesis & Cloning, Labeling, Detection, and Other Kits

215 pages, 234 graphs and tables

Published: April 20, 1996

Price: $2295

Nearly 63% of European life science researchers, over 62,000 individuals, use molecular biology reagents in their work. The vast majority of these, 56,500 researchers, are using reagents packaged in kit form. Our detailed analysis of the market for 1995 puts sales for all molecular biology kits at an astounding $156.3 million, with amplification kits leading the pack at $53.5 million in sales. German-speaking Europe continues to be the largest geographic region in sales, by a margin of almost 5:1 over Southern Europe.

This comprehensive 216 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, examines the annual consumption of six product segments in six geographic regions of Europe. The products examined are kits for amplification, sequencing, cDNA synthesis and cloning, labeling, detection and various write-in choices. In addition, we also provide a summary of the entire market, including the results from the Molecular Biology Volume One report (examining nucleic acid isolation and purification kits). The geographic regions studied include: German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), English-speaking Europe (United Kingdom plus the Republic of Ireland), France, Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg), Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland), and Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal).

Unit and dollar sales per year, market sizes and growth rates, plus unit and dollar supplier shares for each of these product categories have been calculated. This analysis is done again for each European region, based upon our analysis of the responses to over 3,000 surveys mailed out to a cross-section of European life science researchers last winter. We also identify the most frequently mentioned kits by name and report average prices for each supplier. By doing this, we have calculated the differences in both pricing and consumption across the European continent, which show significant variation. Of the top five producers of these products, four are European and only one is US-based, the formidable Perkin Elmer/ABI. Many different kit types were cited for this varied group of products. The listing of the most popular are as follows: Promega, Boehringer Mannheim and Perkin Elmer Taq for thermostable enzymes, Amersham Sequenase and Pharmacia T7 for manual sequencing, Pharmacia AutoRead and Amersham AutoSequenase for automated sequencing, Stratagene ZAP and Life Technologies Superscript for cDNA synthesis, Invitrogen TA Cloning and Promega pGEN-T for cDNA cloning, Boehringer Mannheim Genius and Amersham MegaPrime for random primer labeling, Amersham and Boehringer Mannheim 5' end labeling kits, Promega Riboprobe Gemini for in vitro transcription, Boehringer Mannheim Genius for nick translation and detection, plus Ambion RPA kits.

Extensive demographic analyses were performed and include not only the geographic distribution of users, but also segmentation by type of organization, level of experience and applications used. As expected, the bulk of molecular biology work is found in organizations stressing research and medical applications, such as academia and hospitals. Our well-experienced respondents were involved in a great number of molecular biology applications, some of which may prove very important in the future.

For the first time, we have measured customer satisfaction ratings not only for suppliers, but also for distributors, as poor distributor performance can undercut a supplier's success in the market. Boehringer Mannheim receives only one negative comment in comparison to the highest number of positive comments. Two of the leading suppliers obtained what can be called unsatisfactory scores.

The verbatim suggestions on improvements for existing products given by 191 respondents delve deeper than the typical price concerns into technically sound, and manageable improvements. We also specifically asked our respondents for new suggestions for kits that might be desired in the marketplace and received pages of insightful comments.

This report is undoubtedly the most complete analysis of the molecular biology market in Europe. We consider this report essential reading for anyone serious intending to succeed in this increasingly competitive area.

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