1995/6 European MSPPSA Report on Molecular Biology Reagent Systems, Volume One - Isolation & Purification Kits

144 pages, 164 graphs and tables

Published: February 29, 1996

Price: $2295

Nearly 63% of European life science researchers, over 62,000 individuals, use molecular biology reagents in their work. Of these, 56,500 are using reagents in kit form. Our detailed analysis of the market for 1995 puts combined nucleic acid isolation and purification kit sales at $31.5 million, with plasmid DNA kits contributing nearly $13 million and German-speaking Europe outselling Scandinavia by a ratio of 5:1.

The 144 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, examines the annual consumption of 8 product segments in six geographic regions of Europe. The product segments include kits for plasmid purification, for the purification of DNA from gels, for total RNA isolation, for the purification of amplification products, for the isolation and purification of oligonucleotides and probes, for total mRNA, for genomic DNA, and for lambda DNA. The geographic regions studied include: German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), English-speaking Europe (United Kingdom plus the Republic of Ireland), France, Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands), Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland), and Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal).

For each product segment, we estimate annual European sales in units and dollars, measure unit and dollar supplier market shares, identify the most popular kits by name, and calculate average prices for major suppliers. The leaders for this group of products are Qiagen followed by Promega, whose top positions stay steady across the geographic regions. The most frequently mentioned kits for each of our purification categories were: Promega Wizard and Qiagen Plasmid Prep for plasmids, Bio 101 GeneClean and Qiagen QIAEX for DNA from gels, Qiagen RNEasy and Life Technologies Trizol for total RNA, Qiagen QIAquick and Promega Wizard both for amplification products and probes/oligos, Promega PolyAtract and Dynal Labs Dynabeads for mRNA, Qiagen QIAamp and Scotlab Nucleon for genomic DNA, and Qiagen Lambda and Promega Wizard for Lambda DNA purification.

When examining the attitudes and expectations of this cross-section of European researchers, we see that several smaller suppliers achieve perfect scores, but most of the well-known suppliers still performed satisfactorily. These suppliers were also rated on five key areas: value, consistent quality, delivery time, application support and product range. Qiagen held its lead with first place in all but delivery time and product range. Promega offers a strong second place, especially in the areas of delivery time, application support and product range. Stratagene and BRL also achieved respectable rankings in these categories.

When asked to identify specific distributors with whom they were particularly pleased or displeased, respondents were brutally honest. Two successful companies obtained as many or more negative comments than positive ones, a sure warning sign. Several of the smaller, European-based distributors performed extremely poorly, while Boehringer Mannheim turned up the highest number of pleased customers. The report ends with hundreds of verbatim comments regarding desired improvements in these products, going past the typical price issues to more technically oriented, doable suggestions.

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