1995/6 U.S. MSPPSA report on Low Pressure Chromatography

58 pages, 49 graphs and tables

Published: November 14, 1996

Price: $2295

Just over 21% of U.S. life science researchers, or 21,000 individuals, use low pressure chromatography techniques. Our detailed analysis of the market for 1995/6 puts combined laboratory-scale instrument and column sales at nearly $20 million, representing a distinct drop from levels achieved earlier in the decade.

The 58 page study, which forms part of PhorTech's MSPPSA series, examines the installed base of LC columns and instrumentation purchased over the past 5 years. Pharmacia, with its groundbreaking FPLC System, remains the leader in all categories, including columns, systems, and separate components. However, an almost equal number of respondents considering a future purchase indicated that they would purchase a Bio-Rad model rather than a Pharmacia instrument. The major factors affecting the choice of instrument were cost and personal experience.

Customer satisfaction ratings show that there is a moderate level of satisfaction with Isco, Gilson and Rainin achieving the highest scores. In terms of six key performance areas, (ease of use, versatility, quality, innovation, value and commitment to chromatography) Pharmacia received the most votes in four of these categories, typically with an astonishing lead. Bio-Rad also performed well with a good lead over the remaining suppliers. Several specific suggestions for improvements of existing techniques are provided as verbatim comments, demonstrating that software and interfacing need some attention.

This report should be purchased by companies determined to strengthen their position in this lucrative but challenging business.

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