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2007/2008 U.S. MSPPSA report on Proteomics Research, Volume Two: Mass Spectrometry & Protein Microarrays

259 pages, 167 graphs and tables

Published: October 8, 2007

Price: $4595


Increasing Vitality in Proteomics Research - But Changes in MS and Protein Array Market Shares

A fresh report by PhorTech International once again cuts through the hearsay and prognostications that have alternatively hyped and denigrated the proteomics market sector. Based upon measured, primary market research techniques and painstaking analysis, this new report shows the actual extent to which proteomics research is carried out today.


There are now 23,500 U.S. life science researchers currently working in this area. These researchers spend an average of more than $10,000 per researcher for proteomics reagents and instrumentation, generating a market in excess of $200 million in North America.



This comprehensive 219+ page analysis chronicles the present state of the market and is based upon a cross-section of 410 completed responses to an in-depth web-based survey carried out in May 2007.


It is the second volume in the 2007/2008 proteomics series and focuses attention on the use of mass spectrometry and protein microarrays for these applications.


Proteomics is now widely used for a variety of scientific objectives, as shown in the following chart.



One of the largest ticket items used in proteomics research, mass spectrometers, in particular the popular MALDI-TOF variant, have been increasing dramatically. The following chart shows the cumulative sales of mass spectrometers used in North America for proteomics research over the past decade. Since our last report in 2002, the pace of sales has picked up dramatically.


However, when we examine the major brands placed during this period, we see shifts in market shares over time. In a dramatic turn of events, the market leadership in this field has suddenly changed.


However, the new market leader is not acting as we would expect a market leader to behave. We have measured a series of key performance criteria to examine supplier satisfaction. One of these areas is users' evaluation of which company's mass spectrometers were considered easiest to use.


We have ranked the suppliers in the chart at the bottom of the next page and it is clear that users have very strong opinions as to how easy various brands of mass specs are to use. Normally, we would expect the market leader to lead in all categories we test (usually except value for money).



However, we can say that in this case, the new market leader is not in the leading position for ease of use, or four other key criteria. This leads us to believe that the market leadership in this field is by no means certain. Do you know where your company stands?




An in-depth section of the report examines the current and planned usage of protein microarrays for proteomics research. We study various types of arrays, desired detection technologies, required detection limits, sources of materials, applications, array formats, array density, preferred chemically-modified surfaces, and much more. For example, in the next chart we show the preferred categories of protein arrays desired by respondents.



Hundreds of verbatim comments are presented and analyzed, providing readers of this report with a wealth of direct feedback regarding desired improvements in products, most important features, reasons for selecting brands, and more. Our clients tell us these sections are the equivalent of spending months in the field talking with customers.


This report is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and realistic assessment of the current market for proteomics research in the U.S. and has already been purchased by leading companies determined to strengthen their position in this rapidly developing field. Enhanced by over 160 graphs and tables, this analysis is essential reading for those intending to prosper in this business in the coming years.


A detailed list of contents along with the survey objectives and methodology, as well as the complete demographics analysis for the report and a copy of the survey questionnaire can be from the link at the bottom of this page.


Companies Mentioned in This Report



Applied Biosystems


Becton Dickinson



Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bruker Daltonics

Cayman Chemical

Ciphergen Biosystems (Bio-Rad)


Finnigan (Thermo Fisher)

GE Healthcare





Micromass (Waters)


New England Nuclear


Protea Biosciences

R&D Systems

Santa Cruz



Thermo Fisher Scientific



Original press release for this reportSee original press release for this report in Adobe Acrobat format.

Detailed contents, methodology, demographics, and questionnaire for this reportSee detailed contents, methodology, demographics, and questionnaire for this report in Adobe Acrobat format.

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