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2003/2004 US MSPPSA report on Proteomics Research, Volume One

204 pages, 140+ graphs and tables

Published: February 5, 2003

Price: $3795


The Reality of Proteomics Research in the U.S. - Cut Through the Hype and Hearsay with a Fresh Look at Mass Spectrometry & Protein Microarrays

A new report by PhorTech International cuts through the hearsay and prognostications that have alternatively hyped and denigrated this nascent market sector. Based upon measured, primary market research techniques and painstaking analysis, this report shows the actual extent to which proteomics research is carried out today. Projections of future growth are based upon current users and those who plan to begin working in this field within the near future. There are now 19,020 U.S. life science researchers currently working in this area and a further 21,140 additional U.S. researchers who plan to start work within 18 months. This comprehensive 205 page analysis, the first of two volumes that chronicle the actual state of the market is based upon 540 responses to an in-depth web-based survey carried out in August 2002.



Proteomics addresses a wide range of objectives, as shown in the chart above. The majority of current users have multiple objectives, with the identification of specific proteins the most commonly cited.



The report studies in great detail the preparation of samples for proteomics research. We begin with the total amount of starting material, shown in the chart above, and look at required detection limits, the types of samples isolated, the abundant and irrelevant components that need to be depleted from samples, and the classes of proteins that are desired to be enriched.



In addition, we examine the source and origin of samples to be studied.


We can see in the previous chart that, while human source material is the most commonly used, a wide variety of additional sources make up the majority of samples analyzed. In the following chart, we compare the source and origin of samples that respondents plan to study in the near future.



The report also examines the principal analytical platforms used for proteomics research.



As mentioned earlier, the analysis of the proteomics market is covered in two volumes. Volume One concentrates on the preparation of samples and 2-D electrophoresis, while Volume Two, currently in production and shortly to be released, focuses on mass spectrometry and the use of protein microarrays. In the following chart, we examine the numbers of proteins analyzed simultaneously using broad or narrow pH gradients.



Hundreds of verbatim comments are presented and analyzed, providing readers of this report with a wealth of direct feedback regarding the methods for deleting unwanted components, suppliers used to purify samples, suppliers of analytical platforms used for proteomics, and more. Nimble suppliers can use this insight to gain sustainable competitive advantage over their flat-footed competition.


This report is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and realistic assessment of the current market for proteomics research in the U.S. and has already been purchased by nine companies determined to strengthen their position in this rapidly developing field. Enhanced by over 140 graphs and tables, this thorough and detailed analysis provides a penetrating understanding of proteomics researchers' changing needs and future expectations. This report is essential reading for those intending to prosper in this business in the coming years.


A detailed list of contents along with the first 35 pages from this report can be downloaded for free at the link below.


Original press release for this reportSee original press release for this report in Adobe Acrobat format.

Detailed contents, methodology, demographics, and questionnaire for this reportSee detailed contents, methodology, demographics, and questionnaire for this report in Adobe Acrobat format.

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