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2002/2003 US MSPPSA report on DNA Amplification Instrumentation

171 pages, 123 graphs and tables

Published: May 8, 2002

Price: $3595


Rapid Rise in Platforms for Real Time PCR Transforms DNA Amplification Instrumentation Market

A new market research report by PhorTech International focuses on the U.S. market for DNA amplification instrumentation, now a near ubiquitous technique employed by an estimated 86,100 life science researchers, and with annual sales this year projected to easily exceed $150 million. The market has segmented into two distinct instrument categories: the first consisting of traditional thermal cyclers, and the second to dedicated platforms designed for real-time quantitative PCR.



This comprehensive 167 page study represents the first of PhorTech’s new 2002 MSPPSA series. It examines the installed base and sample capacity both for real-time quantitative PCR platforms, and thermal cyclers used for all other applications. It investigates the accessibility of these instruments, and the degree of sharing that exists between researchers, and presents unit and dollar sales per year, market sizes, historical growth rates, and purchase plans, plus unit and dollar supplier shares for all instruments.


This analysis is based upon more than 400 responses to an in-depth, web-based survey, conducted in February 2002. A wide cross-section of life science researchers was sampled, with several demo­graphic screens used to characterize them. Beyond the type of instrument owned or operated, respondents are segmented by type of organization, scientific discipline, years of experience, and application area. Highly experienced researchers were found across the board, in a wide variety of research environments.



The most frequently mentioned instruments are identified by brand and model, along with the average prices paid for each major brand. Projected future sales are calculated. A final overview of the entire DNA amplification instrument market combines the analyses from both segments.


The report also includes a comprehensive section on amplification methodologies with an analysis of throughput and typical applications for both instrument segments. For real-time PCR, the degree to which various procedures are used for monitoring assays, the type of fluorophores used, and the degree of multiplexing was analyzed; while those using thermal cyclers were questioned as to the type of reaction vessel they use. Respondents were running on average 8,000-9,000 reactions per month. PCR-based applications were the most frequently mentioned amongst researchers working with a thermal cycler. Gene expression was the most common real-time application.



The reasons for choosing the most recently purchased thermal cycler or platform for real-time PCR were solicited, and satisfaction with that decision measured, with high scores for two manufacturers. Leading companies are ranked in six key areas of customer satisfaction, with results indicating points of vulnerability for each of the major players.


Suggested improvements to existing products, given by over 200 respondents, delve deeper than reducing prices, highlighting the practical problems encountered in everyday use of these instruments. Respondents were also asked to choose among a list of specific improvements to point out which would be most important to their work. These covered instrument-related issues and detailed sought-after practical, technically-based enhancements.



This report is undoubtedly the most complete analysis of the amplification market in the U.S. and has already been purchased by suppliers determined to strengthen their position in this lucrative market. Enhanced by 100 graphs and tables, this study provides a penetrating analysis of the amplification user’s current needs and future expectations. This report should be considered essential reading for anyone seriously intending to succeed in this increasingly competitive area. A companion report on thermostable enzymes and methodologies will shortly be available to complement this survey on instrumentation.






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