2001/2002 European MSPPSA report on Densitometers & Image Analysis

155 pages, 140 graphs and tables

Published: February 9, 2001

Price: $3395

Densitometry & Image Analysis in European Bioresearch: Today's Market & Tomorrow's Trend

PhorTech International's detailed analysis of this market puts total instrument sales for 2000 at over $45 million. This incorporates a wide range of densitometers and related equipment, and reflects the estimated 48,000 individuals currently using densitometry and image analysis (i.e. almost 50% of all European life science researchers). Despite excellent growth to this research segment over the past few years, results suggest a possible slowdown in the year ahead.

This 155 page study examines the installed base of image analysis instruments, including separate analyses for laser, white light, and fluorescence densitometers, flat bed scanners, storage phosphor systems, plus CCD cameras.

Additional information regarding imaging systems for microscopy plus image analysis software is also included. Based upon analysis of the 277 qualified responses to over 4,000 surveys e-mailed out to a cross-section of life science researchers last October, PhorTech have calculated unit and dollar placements per year, market sizes and growth rates, plus unit and dollar market shares for each of these instrument categories. The most frequently mentioned models for each class of image analysis instrument, and the average reported prices for each manufacturer are identified.

Respondents were characterized by geographic location, type of organization and area of scientific expertise. The types of samples analyzed by image analysis were examined, including 1-D & 2-D gels, Northern, Southern & Western blots, dot & slot blots, colonies & plaques, tissue sections, DNA sequencing, microplates and TLC plates. Inquiry into sample dimensions and the use of isotopic versus non-isotopic labels provided some interesting answers, especially regarding the types of labels most often used. A new series of questions probes attitudes towards the use of multiple labels, image resolution and future imaging requirements.

Leading suppliers of image analysis instruments are rated in the following areas of customer satisfaction: ease of use, versatility, reliable quality, innovation, value for money, speed of results, field service and commitment to image analysis

Two leading companies vie for advantage as neither sweep all eight categories. Satisfaction with the product is also examined, and leads to quite a different result. Overall, respondents seem more satisfied with their image analysis systems than in the past; verbatim comments vividly clarify real-life experiences with these instruments. Many have serious criticisms, however, for several of the major suppliers to the market; satisfaction rates and confidence levels were calculated for 21 leading suppliers. A new question added for this report asks respondents to evaluate local distributors. The 70 positive commendations were reinforced by the 27 denunciations of distributor performance among 44 negative comments overall.

A whopping 175 respondents provided suggestions for improvements in image analysis instruments in a variety of areas. They were concerned with quite a few different issues including resolution, pricing, speed, and ease of use. However, one other issue rose above everything else as a desired improvement; one that few suppliers have addressed.

We consider this report essential reading for anyone seriously intending to succeed in this highly competitive area

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